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"Publish Your Website Online" is General Web Directory, that is monitored by Human Surveillance to get your link categorized to proper niche category and get quality back link.

It is designed to assist its users by offering two types of Lifetime/Permanent Submitting options. Also at Publish Your Website Online directory we provide our users accurate and worthwhile information and news. Most of the times the question arises How to select a Directory to submit your Website ?

There are thousands of website directories present in the internet world. It becomes very important when you as a links manager have to choose the right directory for your SEO campaign. You do not want to get spamy links from web directory nor do you want to submit URL in low authority websites.Hence choosing an web directory for your website should follow a certain quality regimen.

Following are a few points which you should definetly look into while selecting a directory :

Domain Name : Make sure the domain name is in accordance with your website. For example if your client sells electronic gadgets and his website is getting a link from a Directory named "candyfloss" will just not go well!

IP : Always submit links to directories with unique IP. By unique IP, I want to stress on the point that no two directories in which you submit should have the same IP address.

Casino/Gambling : Before submitting, please make sure that the website directory does not have any links to casino/gambling or websites. This does not go well with the search engine spider!

Domain History : Do a little research on what the domain was associated with before being a general web directory. One can check the domain history on websites like "waybackmachine".

Cache : Check how often Google spider visits the home page, top category pages and the inner pages of the website. Do not submit your website in a directory that has a cache date which is very old. As a Link Builder, you should always stay away from bulk submissions as that will do more harm than good to your website rankings and traffic eventually in the long run. I hope this article helps you to find the right website directory for link submission in the future.

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